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Solar Panels on Rooftop

WPUI Utilities Report

My goal for this activities report was to create a visually appealing and organized layout that effectively communicated the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute's (WPUI) accomplishments and goals for the year 2022.

As a graphic designer for the 2022 activities report, my responsibility was to bring visual appeal and organization to the report. I started by working closely with the director of the WPUI to understand the overall design direction and create a layout that would effectively communicate the information in an easy-to-read manner. I designed a layout to help communicate important data and information, while also incorporating brand colors and typography to maintain visual consistency. 


Throughout the project, I worked closely with the team to ensure that all of the content was accurately represented and that any changes or revisions were made promptly. Ultimately, my goal was to create a report that was both engaging and informative, effectively communicating the accomplishments and goals of the organization in a visual and impactful way.

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