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As a graphic designer with a passion for visual science communication, I have been dedicated to studying effective design for the sciences since 2019. With a focus on creating visually appealing and impactful designs, I bring a unique perspective to every project I work on. My expertise in visual communication allows me to create designs that not only look great but also effectively convey the intended message to the target audience. Whether working on branding, advertising, or any other design project, I strive to create a truly memorable and impactful experience for my clients.



Client Website Design
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Urban Canid Project

The Urban Canid Project was an exciting and challenging project for me as a designer. The goal was to create a visually engaging website for a non-profit organization that focuses on the study and conservation of urban canids, such as foxes and coyotes. The website needed to provide information about the organization's mission, research, and events while also being user-friendly and accessible.

To achieve this, I used a clean and modern design with bold colors and graphics. The homepage features photos of the organization's work and research, with easy navigation to different sections of the site. The research section provides a comprehensive overview of the organization's findings and projects, with interactive graphics to help explain complex information in a user-friendly way.

Additionally, the website was designed with a responsive layout, ensuring that it would be accessible and usable on any device, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Overall, the Urban Canid Project website was a success, providing the organization with a professional and user-friendly platform to showcase its work and engage with its audience.

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