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As a graphic designer with a passion for visual science communication, I have been dedicated to studying effective design for the sciences since 2019. With a focus on creating visually appealing and impactful designs, I bring a unique perspective to every project I work on. My expertise in visual communication allows me to create designs that not only look great but also effectively convey the intended message to the target audience. Whether working on branding, advertising, or any other design project, I strive to create a truly memorable and impactful experience for my clients.



Four Black Squares

As a graphic designer, I was tasked with creating 60 small compositions inspired by the words order, increase, bold, congested, tension, and playful. The format for these compositions was to be four black squares arranged in various ways. The goal of this project was to experiment with different visual solutions while staying within the constraints of the four black squares format.


I approached each composition with a focus on the word assigned to it, exploring various arrangements and manipulations of the squares to evoke the desired feeling or concept. Some compositions were neat and orderly, reflecting the idea of order. Others were congested, utilizing the squares in tight formations to create a sense of chaos or tension. I also played with scale, using one or two large squares to increase the boldness of the composition, or arranging the squares in playful, unexpected ways.


This project was both challenging and rewarding, pushing me to be creative within constraints and to think deeply about the meaning and impact of visual design elements. The resulting 60 compositions are a testament to the limitless potential of simple forms.

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